Introducing RSM a waterproof membrane for flat roofs and terraces.


RSM is a mix of rubber particles and additives and is available in 4 colours, black, terracotta, green and grey. It is a spray applied, flexible and joint free membrane which sticks to the substrate. As a result leakage risk is reduced due to incorrect joining. It is a waterproof membrane for flat roofs and terraces and under low temperatures RSM remains flexible and stretchable without cracking. 

RSM waterproof membrane can be left without protection because its ultraviolet sunlight resistant (industrial roofs, warehouses, flat roofs etc). On passable pedestrian roofs the membrane can be coated with quartz floor Stone VIPEQ and on roofs that are severely exposed to sunlight RSM membrane can be insulated with spray Cork.

This waterproof membrane can be covered with concrete floor, ceramic floors or similar, adding a geotextile as a separating element. 

It can also be used as a waterproof membrane on sloping roofs, fibre cement corrugated sheets , steel sheets etc.

RSM can be used as a damage repair product for bands between slopes or similar and is a waterproofing and steam barrier on walls.