Are you looking for a fire resistant render that is both reliable and aesthetically pleasing? Is so, you’re in the right place. Here at Cork Solutions, we have been providing homes and businesses with a high-quality and eco-friendly fire resistant render for many years.

Our quality fire resistant render is made from cork granulates, which are already a natural fire retardant. This makes it one of the top-performing renders in the industry.

The fire resistant render burns without a flame and, unlike many other types of render, does not emit any toxic gases.

Water resistant

As well as being fire resistant, our render is impermeable to liquids and gases. This is due to the suberin and ceroids contained within the cell walls of the cork. Being resistant to moisture allows the render to age without deteriorating.

If you are thinking about rendering your home, business, rental property, or any type of building, why not opt for a fire resistant render? Our sustainable and eco-friendly solution not only looks great but gives you peace of mind that your property has increased safety.

Applying fire resistant render

As with all our render projects, we firstly carry out a site survey. This allows us to fully understand and discuss with you your requirements. Once we’ve carried out a site survey at your home or commercial property, we will provide a detailed quotation for the render and an installation schedule.

On acceptance of the quotation we will agree a scheduled date that works for you. The fire resistant render will be applied by our team of experts who will also ensure the site is left the way it was found.